Hardscape Rocks in San Diego

When it comes to hardscaping and landscaping, you have several different choices-but none are as beautiful and unique as decorative rock. If you want to add decorative rock to your San Diego home or business, Rock & Block Hardscape Supply carries many different types and colors to fit your needs. You’re sure to find rock that fits your landscape’s style.

Benefits of Our Decorative Rock

Decorative rock is a popular choice in San Diego. In our hot, dry climate, grass dries out quickly in the summer. Plus, caring for grass and plants requires a lot of water, which can be costly. Watering grass is also unwise due to  continuing drought conditions in San Diego.

By incorporating rock in your garden, yard, or outdoor space, you’re doing your part to conserve water-and you get all the benefits of low-maintenance landscaping as well.

Decorative rock also lasts much longer than other types of ground covers. It doesn’t decompose like mulch or wood chips, so you won’t need to replace it as often. Rock can also withstand lots of foot traffic and still look strong and beautiful. Plus, unlike mulch, rocks don’t attract insects like termites.

At Rock & Block Hardscape Supply, we carry rock in several sizes. We also carry large river rocks along with pebbles, construction rocks, and sand.