Landscape Pebbles

Landscape Pebbles

Create a relaxing and beautiful outdoor space with supplies from one of the best landscape supply in San Diego County. Landscape pebbles from Rock and Block Hardscape Supply are one of the best choices for a complete landscape makeover. Landscape pebbles have low maintenance and are easy to install, a good option for those who have drainage concern in their yard. We offer rocks and pebbles that come in different shapes and sizes which is specially made to enhance your landscape.

Landscape pebbles help in preventing soil erosion. They are long-lasting and less expensive, a great way to improve and avoid weed growth in your yard as well as keep the growth of weed at bay for a longer time. They add beauty to the landscape, especially a garden with various flowers and plants. Pathways, when covered with stones and pebbles, look appealing and visually exciting and gives the pathways a defined border. They offer coverage to an uneven, neglected pathway and add contrast and texture, giving your landscape a wholly different and vibrant look. Rock and Block Hardscape Supply offers top quality pebbles that can be used in a yard, tree base, ground covers, and outdoor living space.

landscape rocks & pebbles

A landscape fabric performs four significant functions: weed restriction, soil separation, reinforcement and filtration. SRW fabrics are highly resistant to acids, alkalines, insecticides, fertilizers, damage from insects and rodents. The weed control fabrics safely eliminate most weeds, while allowing water, air and nutrients to penetrate to the plant’s roots.

3×50 = 150 Square Feet
6×100 = 600 Square Feet
6×300 = 1800 Square Feet

Landscape Staples:
Bag of 100


Pathway Stabilizer is a ready to use liquid that can be easily applied. For most projects a “garden watering can” works best. For residential or commercial applications. Easy to use for the DIY projects.

Coverage: 75 square feet per 5 gallon container

Use on new or existing DG pathways to solidify pathway. Helps eliminate dust, mud and loose gravel.


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